Travelling by Heart

my journey to Jamaica as a CUSO volunteer

Marley Manor

After a bit of a creepy start, my apartment in Kingston truly became a wonderful home away from home. I said good bye to my little sanctuary today, but I won’t soon forget it! Continue reading “Marley Manor”

All the Lasts

Tonight is my last night in Kingston. I’ve said good byes and packed up my things, and now, save for one more sleep and a few last minute chores, I am done here. Tomorrow I will make one last trek to Treasure Beach with my sister for a few days of beach fun and relaxation before I board the plane home on Sunday.  Continue reading “All the Lasts”

Happy Earthstrong Bob!


Last Day of Work

Friday was my last day at the YMCA. To celebrate, I worked with a few other people to pull together a workshop to introduce the topic of restorative justice to the Youth Development Program boys.  Continue reading “Last Day of Work”

Corruption Perceptions Index

Last week, Transparency International published their 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index, an annual report that examines the extent of corruption in nearly 180 nations. Canada finds itself at #9 with a score of 82/100, while Jamaica fell 14 places since last year, now tied at #83 (39/100) with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Lesotho.

Continue reading “Corruption Perceptions Index”


I wore a cardigan to work today. The high was 27C/81F and the low was 22C/72F. I think it is the coldest day I have experienced all year. Going back to Canada is going to be painful…

Things I will eat when I am back in Canada

If you know me at all you know that I love to eat. Continue reading “Things I will eat when I am back in Canada”

In no particular order…

  • File Jamaican tax refund
  • Send all travel-related receipts to Cuso head office
  • Prepare and submit final Placement Progress Report
  • Complete Exit Interview questionnaire
  • Review Leavers Pack
  • Confirm End of Service date
  • Confirm travel date
  • Confirm registration for Reintegration Weekend
  • Complete apartment inspection with landlord
  • Conduct Exit Interview
  • Close and pay out utility accounts
  • Return internet equipment to provider
  • Complete Criminal Record Check
  • Close bank account
  • Collect final stipend to cover outstanding expenses
  • Purchase souvenirs
  • Confirm luggage and carry-on allowances
  • Complete final cleaning of apartment

30 days and counting

A month from now, I will be heading back to Canada. Continue reading “30 days and counting”

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