A big part of my preparations to go abroad include a bunch of medical examinations and vaccinations. There are novels worth of forms for doctors and dentists to fill out, and a bunch of tests I have to take to make sure I am fit to work in a developing country (and to secure my travel insurance, I imagine).

Yesterday, I went to the travel clinic for the first of three sessions of shots. On top of a bunch of needles and pills, the staff gave me warnings about freaky things they can’t treat or vaccinate for (like Chikungunya and Ciguatera). They also warned me about air pollution, which I hadn’t given any thought to until that moment – a good reminder to stock up on extra Ventolyn.

Today, I feel like garbage and both arms are ridiculously sore from the shots, but as my boyfriend David said, “I hear Typhoid is worse”.  Thank goodness for modern medicine!

2016-01-04 17.58.20