A new minimum wage takes effect today in Jamaica, increasing the wage for a 40 hour work week from JM$5,600 to JM$6,200.  This equals to an increase of approximately CAN$0.18 per hour, bringing the minimum wage up to CAN$1.70 per hour, or CAN$96.05 per week (given today’s exchange rate).

Some things you might want to spend your JM$6,200 on:

  • Bus ride = JM$100 (no transfers)
  • Taxi ride = JM$400 in town (each stop costs an additional $400)
  • 6 locally grown bananas from a street vendor = JM$120
  • Hot lunch at the Kingston YMCA = JM$280
  • 32oz plain yoghurt = JM$673.75
  • A current movie at the theatre = JM$1,050
  • Gym membership for one month = JM$6,900
  • Tide Laundry detergent = JM$1206.03
  • Chocolate bar (Cadbury milk chocolate) = JM$400
  • 250ml fresh cow’s milk = JM$120
  • 1 month high speed internet = JM$4,891.84