I had a bad day today. Well, a bad afternoon. Ok, a bad two hours. Nothing serious, just your basic series of unfortunate events that put me in a crabby mood:I got caught in the rain, lost my desk keys, and the banana man left before I could get my breakfast fruit.

There is nothing quite like soggy shoes to make you feel sorry for yourself. But a hot shower and a brownie helped me take stock of things. My shoes will dry. I have to get to work early tomorrow anyways, so I can just eat extra fruit when I get there instead of at home. I actually think I might have left my desk keys at the Cuso office while I was there doing paperwork, so fingers-crossed I will have them back by 9:30 tomorrow morning, no harm done. Whenever I want it, I *have* a warm shower (or cold, if I’d prefer) and a brownie in the refrigerator, and all the other glorious, amazing privileges I have been blessed with in this life.  I do NOT have Dengue like one of my Cuso colleagues does (nothing like a tropical virus to put things in perspective).

Most notably, I had a regular ‘bad day’, and not one that could be blamed on culture shock. Some things happened that made me crabby, but it wasn’t because of new or different experiences or anything that is quintessentially “Jamaican”, just general bad luck and bad planning. When I needed them, I knew where to find the rituals and tools I needed to get over it all. My gratitude far outweighs my discomfort. Best bad mood ever!