There are 99 days until the start of the Rio Olympics and the world is starting to get excited. Here in Jamaica, the pressure is highest for the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, to repeat his previous victories and bring glory home once again.

Bolt is not an elusive celebrity here in Jamaica. He owns a popular restaurant/bar called Tracks and Records, hangs out with his friends around town, lives in the ritzy hillside neighbourhood of Beverly Hills (the Kingston one, not the California one), and trains daily at the University of the West Indies on a track made especially for him. Everyone here has a story about seeing him or meeting him – even me! As far as I can tell, he is a nice guy with an insane talent who works really hard but likes to have a good time. Basically, your typical 29 year old guy.

He also has a heart of gold. Whether it is inspiring youth or helping fellow athletes, Bolt loves to share his good fortune and hard work with others. Ziggy Marley has called him “a unifying force”, inspiring the entire country to desire more, and to work hard for it. In return, the entire country will cheer him on. I can’t wait to join them.