10,991: Area of Jamaica in km²

9,985,000: Area of Canada in km²

32,134: Area of Vancouver Island in km²

2,715,000: Population of Jamaica

35,160,000: Population of Canada

2,464,000: Population of Metro Vancouver

579,137: Population of Kingston, Jamaica’s largest municipality

603,500: Population of the City of Vancouver

16.5: Percentage of people living in poverty in Jamaica

10: Approximate* percentage of people living in poverty in Canada (*Statistics Canada has refused to endorse any metric as a measure of poverty without a mandate from the federal government)

13: Percentage of people who are unemployed in Jamaica

7.1: Percentage of people who are unemployed in Canada

5,289.97: Jamaican GDP per capita in US dollars

51,958.38: Canadian GDP per capita in US dollars

130: Percentage of Jamaican debt to GDP ratio (one of the largest in the world)

66: Percentage of Canadian debt to GDP ratio