While we were at Fleet Street checking out Paint Jamaica, David and I also dropped in on Life Yard for a delicious Jamaican breakfast and a tour of the property.

Life Yard is many things, but it is perhaps best described as an social enterprise urban farm. Tucked away behind a corrugated metal fence there is a thriving, luscious urban jungle full of nutritious, organically grown produce, all cultivated by community members from Parade Gardens. Young people can come and learn how to grow food, practice arts and crafts, and be exposed to empowering philosophy (the night before our visit, Life Yard had hosted a presentation of Marcus Garvey‘s writings), all while learning to work peacefully with their neighbours. Life Yard boasts a snack bar that serves fantastic farm to table Ital food, and there are plans underway to construct platforms that could host travelling campers.

Like Paint Jamaica, their work has garnered much attention, including articles about them in the Jamaica Gleaner and the Huffington Post – both are worth the read to truly understand the important work being done in this community.