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my journey to Jamaica as a CUSO volunteer


October 2016

Reading List

I’ve briefly mentioned Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings, which received much attention last year when James became the first Jamaican to win the Man Booker Award, but that isn’t the only critically acclaimed novel as of late to be written by a Jamaican and set in Jamaica. Continue reading “Reading List”


Ja-merican Politics

A month or so ago it was announced that the FBI would be opening an office in Jamaica. According to the US Embassy, the FBI has had a presence in Jamaica for many years; the only difference moving forward is that their personnel will now be based in the country rather than working out of offices in other parts of the Caribbean. Continue reading “Ja-merican Politics”

National Heroes Day

Today is National Heroes Day in Jamaica, a public holiday celebrated on the 3rd Monday of October, commemorating those who fought for freedom against the tyranny of slavery, those who fought for Universal Adult Sufferage and the birth of independent Jamaica. Continue reading “National Heroes Day”

8 Months

The Government of Canada considers foreign service postings in Kingston to be ‘hardship’ postings. In spite of the beaches, reggae and tropical heat that contribute to the relaxed, ‘alright’ imagery associated with island life, Jamaica can be a hard place to live, and this past month I have really been feeling it. Continue reading “8 Months”

Matthew’s Impact

Jamaica seems to have been spared the worst of Hurricane Matthew. Continue reading “Matthew’s Impact”

Preparing for Matthew

Since Thursday, Jamaica has been watching what will come of Matthew. What began as a tropical storm has now turned into a powerful hurricane, fluctuating for the last 24 hours between category 4 and category 5. On Friday morning, people were talking about how the storm was a commercial hoax designed for us to buy more grocery provisions. By Friday evening, windows were being boarded up and store shelves were rapidly emptying. Here are some things I am learning, observing and doing as we prepare for the storm: Continue reading “Preparing for Matthew”

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