Travelling by Heart

my journey to Jamaica as a CUSO volunteer


December 2016

Merry Christmas! 

Thinking of everyone from home today… I’m in Panama City for the Christmas break with David (less expensive than a Jamaican Christmas) and we are going to celebrate with a fancy brunch and a trip to the 4D theatre to see Rogue One. Hope your day is merry and bright! 


Michael Manley

With Fidel Castro’s recent death, attention has returned to the legacy of former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley. His close diplomatic ties with Cuba and his desire to battle imperialism through social means captured the hearts and minds of many Jamaicans but dismayed the United States, which responded by attempting to destabilize the country through increased drug and gun activity.

Continue reading “Michael Manley”

2 months left

Less than 60 days remain of my time in Jamaica! Continue reading “2 months left”

Family Time

My mom, dad and aunt flew home today after a three-week visit. It has been SO nice to have them here; I loved showing them my life here, and felt honoured to show them the many wonderful things Jamaica has to offer. Continue reading “Family Time”

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