I’ve done the following things since I arrived in Jamaica:

  • Eaten 9 bananas, 3 papayas, 1/2 watermelon, 1 rose apple and an entire pineapple all by myself (and also enjoyed the juice of two refreshing coconuts)
  • Purchased cell phone service (call me, maybe?) and internet at home (installation in 8-12 business days, don’t call us we’ll call you)
  • Tried Socasize (back again for another round tomorrow)
  • Figured out how to turn on the hot water tank
  • Figured out how to brush my teeth when there is no water (an intermittent and hopefully temporary plumbing issue)
  • Gone to the grocery store 3 times
  • Learned about Jamaica’s school system, political system, economic circumstances, and cultural focuses
  • Read 3/4 of the Cuso Security Plan

My days have been full with practical activities, orientation, preparation for my placement, and settling into my apartment. While I definitely feel like I am here to work and not like I am on a holiday, the experience still feels very new and it is difficult to describe things with anything other than first impressions. Over the next few days I hope to catch up on the details of my travel here, the Cuso in-country orientation, and my accommodation. Let me know if there is anything you’re really curious about and I will do my best to include it!