During David’s most recent visit, we ventured downtown to Fleet Street to check out the amazing murals. 

Fleet Street is in the heart of inner city Kingston, where two conflicting neighbourhoods meet. The Paint Jamaica project began in 2014 when a group of Jamaican artists and a French traveler decided to create a massive mural installation project with the purpose of not only bring beauty to the walls of an abandoned warehouse, but building community in the process.

The artists worked directly with community members to design and paint the murals, which focus on themes such as unity, education, peace and boosting self-esteem.

Since the first installation, murals have overflowed out of the warehouse and now cover most of Fleet Street and even a few of the buildings on side streets, including the local elementary school. They are stunning and bring life and colour to a community that is otherwise dark and burdened.

Paint Jamaica has received some well-deserved international press. You can read more about the project here or here, or by visiting their Facebook page or Instagram.